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Bestival Radio

October 2, 2010

The Bestival Radio interview and performance are now on the Downloads page. I tried my best to fix the volume, but you still might have to turn it up when they talk and turn it down when they perform.
Click here to download





April 19, 2010

On the download page I’ve now added a radio interview from when the guys were at SXSW. I know they did 2 more radio interviews, but I missed the first one and forgot to record the other one. If anyone wants me to recite that one, just tell me and I’ll post a blog post of what I can remember from it.

The other download is a mixtape from Gin Joints & Simon Frank.
Movits! have a track onit from when Johan & Anders went by the name ‘Planeten Jorden’ (The Planet Earth). Zacke also has a track on there.
I have no idea what the songs are called ‘cause there’s no tracklist, all tracks are just mashed up into this great 55min blast of everything.
Zacke’s track begins at around 8:35 and Movits! at 17:05.
However, the download link might not work right now ‘cause they are switching sites, but I’ll keep you posted.