April 19, 2010

On the download page I’ve now added a radio interview from when the guys were at SXSW. I know they did 2 more radio interviews, but I missed the first one and forgot to record the other one. If anyone wants me to recite that one, just tell me and I’ll post a blog post of what I can remember from it.

The other download is a mixtape from Gin Joints & Simon Frank.
Movits! have a track onit from when Johan & Anders went by the name ‘Planeten Jorden’ (The Planet Earth). Zacke also has a track on there.
I have no idea what the songs are called ‘cause there’s no tracklist, all tracks are just mashed up into this great 55min blast of everything.
Zacke’s track begins at around 8:35 and Movits! at 17:05.
However, the download link might not work right now ‘cause they are switching sites, but I’ll keep you posted.



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