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Uhrturmkasematte and Valvträsk

August 18, 2010

A bunch of pictures from Movits! show at Uhrturmkasematte in Graz, Austria can be found on Flickr.


Valvträsk may sound like a village in a Pettson & Findus movie, but it does exist for real and lies about 50km above Boden. With its population of 25 people they’re now arranging a minifestival on August 20th with performances by Movits!, Zacke, Timbuktu, The Establishment, The New Man and Tingsek.
An interview with the organizer Karl-Lennart Eriksson can be found on TV4’s website and more info about the festival can be found on Valvträsk’s website.




SGP review and Kuriren article

August 11, 2010

A short review from the Secret Garden Party can be found on Never Enough Notes.

Norrbottens Kuriren spent some time with Anders and Johan in Luleå to get to know how they went from Hertsön to number one on iTunes in USA.
To read the article click here!





Luleåbo of the year winner

August 7, 2010

A big congrats to the guys who on Friday recieved Norrbottens Kuriren’s
‘Årets Luleåbo’
award. They got about 40% of the 5000 votes.





Piteå dansar och ler

August 3, 2010

Reviews of Movits! gig at PDOL can be found on Musiklandet, NSD, Norrbottens Kuriren and PT Nöje.
Pictures can be found here and here.