Better late than never…right?

October 2, 2010

Here’s a summary of what I’ve missed during the last couple of weeks:

– The Valvträsk festival became a huge success with 1500 visitors. Articles about it can be found on Kuriren & NSD and a video report on 24Norrbotten.

– Photos from Popkomm can be found here, here and on Raw Investigations. An interview with Movits! can also be found on Raw Investigations website.
They also did an interview with BerlinIsMusic.tv which can be found here.

– Zacke has released two new videos. One for the remix of ‘Men Nanting!’ and one for ‘Konsten Att Släppa Taget’.

– Video of Movits! at Bestival can be found on Vimeo. I also have an interview and 3 live tracks that Bestival Radio did that I’m gonna upload. I will post an update when they’re up.

– Last week Evolution was released. Those of you outside of Sweden are able to find it on Amazon under the name “This Is Swedish Hip Hop Evolution”.


I made a YouTube playlist with all the videos in this post so it’s easier for you guys to find them all.




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