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July 7, 2010

Sorry for the laziness and slow tempo on the updates, but I’m now back and rolling. Here’s a summary of what’s going on with the boys:

– The magazine Hackney Gazette had a page about the Paradise Gardens Festival. Click thumbnail for full picture.


The Guardian had their readers send in their Glastonbury reviews and a guy named Matthew Dyas wrote about his newfound love for Movits!

“I went to Glastonbury, and yes, I watched Wonder, saw Snoop and gazed at the Gorillaz but the real highlight for me were a band I stumbled upon by accident.
Late one night after a day in the sun I happened up on a band called Movits! I usually consider myself a cultured fellow, but I can honestly say I’d never listened to any Swedish hip hop/swing bands before. That’s all changed. What a revelation, I’d never heard anything like it before. A Swedish man in a tuxedo and a bobble hat rapping about "Frank and Sammy Davis" accompanied by another on a saxophone. After dancing and a good attempt at joining in, alas, the set came to an end. It was a sad moment I thought, leaving the tent to trudge off to Arcadia.
After a bit more wandering and a lot more stumbling, the night was coming to an end but there surrounded by twisted metal and fire-breathing machines was my favourite Swedish hip-hop/swing band performing their second gig of the night. It was even better than the first. Movits!”



– On 7th of August the guys will perform at Bimble Party 2010.
More info here!

– Between 8-10th of September they will perform at Almost Famous’ event at the Popkomm festival with Familjen, Moto Boy and Plan Three.
More info here!




One comment

  1. Glad to see you’ve included the article!
    Matty Dyas x

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