Johan on Swedish radio

April 21, 2010

I’ve been searching like an idiot to find this.
Someone told me one of the guys were on the radio this morning, but the person couldn’t remember who or what station it was so I’ve just gone through every big radio stations website and I finally found it.

Johan was a part of a segment called ‘Styrelsen’ (The committee) on the show P3 Populär, where he and the singer/DJ/writer Karin Ström got to voice their opinions on 3 subjects. The subjects were; unretouched pictures, artists’ (people who paint, not musicians) salaries and whether Jay-Z is a satanist or not (based on internet rumors).
They also did something we call ‘Pest eller Kolera’ which is a game where you have to choose between two really horrible options, in this case; go through surgery and get an ugly face OR get a lobotomy and start behaving like an asshole.

Karin Ström & Johan Rensfeldt 
You can find the show on the download page. It might sound a bit choppy at some points ‘cause I had to edit out the three songs that they played.
If there’s anyone who doesn’t speak Swedish and wants to know what they said on the show, just tell me and I’ll post a summary of it.





  1. I don’t speak swedish, and I would like to know what was said please!

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